URB-E Press Reviews

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perfect for urban commute

Grace Lee

* * * *

Beautifully engineered quality product that is clearly a labor of love. Lightweight, compact, easy to handle/store, and perfect for urban commute.

They are doing what it takes to bring you the best!

Sumati Saraswati

* * * * *

I’m glad to be able to support such a great, hard working team. They are doing what it takes to bring you the best!


Vinita Khilnani

* * * * *

So fun to ride! Easy to carry! Great price! Amazing!!!!!

They are our FREEDOM machines

Laura Gail Batchelor

* * * * *

We are so thrilled to have our two URB-Es! Everyone comments on the quality of the construction and design. The precision tooling in aircraft aluminium is beautiful. It looks like jewelry. It is the perfect size for getting around without having to resort to the car. We can’t wait to use it as our transportation to and from the boat, and being able to get around without being held hostage by bus schedules and exorbitant taxi rates. They are our FREEDOM machines!!! It’s impossible not to smile when we ride the URB-Es.

an amazing piece of engineering

Daryl Hamilton

* * * * *

I’ve had my URB-E for 2 weeks and it’s fantastic! It’s an amazing piece of engineering and a beautiful product. Easy to ride, easy to store at home and in the car. Thanks URB-E team and keep up the good work!

fun to ride and looks cool

Maria Johnson Velasquez

* * * * *

There’s nothing else like the URB-E experience through the city. It’s fun to ride and looks cool, too!