Become an URB-E Ambassador at USC

The URB-E Ambassador Program: Exclusive to USC students and faculty!

Interested in marketing and product testing?

Want to learn about how URB-E’s cutting edge technology is improving how people commute all around the world?

Use an URB-E for FREE for an entire week. Learn for yourself how an URB-E can improve your quality of life at USC and in Los Angeles!

As an URB-E ambassador you will have responsibilities to help us market and test URB-E around USC campus and Los Angeles.

How does it work? Fill out our application below. If you’re selected we’ll contact you and schedule your pick-up time and date!

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We receive hundreds of applications per week! If you don’t get selected right away please come in to the USC URB-E Mobility Hub in the USC Village and speak to us in person.

*Unfortunately Student-Athletes are not eligible for the URB-E Ambassador program.

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