Meet the URB-E

URB-E: The #1 Rated Foldable Electric Vehicle

Designed in Pasadena. Built in California. Patented Worldwide.

Meet URB-E, the world’s most compact foldable electric vehicle. But it’s so much more. It’s the end of parking tickets and sleepy commutes. It’s a magic carpet ride to the grocery store and a shortcut to the bus or train. Built from carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum, it’s the ultimate last-mile transportation solution. And it’s made right here in America, so if you have any questions, you know where to find us.

URB-E Sport GT Guard Red URB-E Pro GT Stealth Black

Welcome to URB-E

Designed for You

With a simple motion, the URB-E can either fold closed to end a trip or unfold to start a journey. A folded URB-E can slide under your desk or quietly stand by the door once you’ve arrived. You can easily carry the URB-E up stairs, onto the bus, and through crowds.


Designed by a former Lead Engineer at Porsche, URB-E is an extremely powerful, compact vehicle. The brushless geared motor means you can power up hills and through turns for years without worrying about a thing.

Hand-Built in America

The URB-E was conceived in a garage in Pasadena, and every development since has happened right here in Southern California. Using carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum parts, every URB-E is built to be light, and built to last.

Safe and Easy to Ride

Riding an URB-E is a skill you’ve always had, like riding a bike but without the learning curve. With its low center of gravity and responsive brakes, you are in full control of the URB-E at all times.

On-the-Go Phone Charger

The URB-E comes with a USB dock to let you connect your phone or tablet on the go. So whether you’re draining your battery using Google Maps or can’t find an outlet at the café, the URB-E will keep you charged throughout the day.

Fully Customizable

The URB-E electric vehicle is a platform for creative people to let their minds run wild. Customize your URB-E however you want by adding anything from a basket to a bell to a Bluetooth speaker to make the URB-E truly yours.

Comfortable and Striking Design

With shock-dampening suspension and a supremely comfortable seat, the URB-E rides like a dream as you traverse everything from the urban jungle to residential sidewalks. The clean design and striking colors combine for a vehicle that announces your presence and complements your style.

URB-E Sport and Sport GT Specs

URB-E Pro and Pro GT Specs

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What People Say

perfect for urban commute

Grace Lee

* * * *

Beautifully engineered quality product that is clearly a labor of love. Lightweight, compact, easy to handle/store, and perfect for urban commute.


Vinita Khilnani

* * * * *

So fun to ride! Easy to carry! Great price! Amazing!!!!!

They are doing what it takes to bring you the best!

Sumati Saraswati

* * * * *

I’m glad to be able to support such a great, hard working team. They are doing what it takes to bring you the best!

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