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Limited quantities of URB-E foldable electric vehicles available for purchase and financing!

URB-E @ USC Located at: 835 W Jefferson Blvd, Suite 1745, Los Angeles, CA 9007

Hours Open: Monday – Friday 9am – 7pm, Saturday 11am – 7pm, Sunday 12noon – 4pm.

Call us: (213) 423-7878

Opening in August 2017 at the USC Village, directly in conjunction with USC’s Department of Transportation, the URB-E Mobility Hub is a dedicated innovation center providing students and faculty access to efficient, safe, and approved transportation services, including first and last mile transportation options, public transportation information, rideshare providers, car rental, and parking locations.

“With traffic at an all time high and public transportation readily available but not always accessible, URB-E’s Mobility Hub at USC will help us connect our campus with the entire city.”
– Tony Mazza, Director of Transportation at USC


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Read about the URB-E Mobility Hub in USC’s Daily Trojan here.

Solutions at URB-E Mobility Hub

URB-E around USC Campus

URB-E is approved to be ridden both in and around USC’s campus! Don’t worry about paying for parking, paying for Uber, or even finding a place to lock up your bike. Save time and money commuting with URB-E.

Financing Options

Learn how you can save time and money by owning a Made in California URB-E Foldable Electric Vehicle. URB-E’s can be brought onto the Metro, put in the trunk of a car, or even placed in your dorm room or apartment.

Real World Innovations

USC is working together with URB-E to innovate the way we move. Open 7 days a week, visitors to the URB-E Mobility Hub can learn about the newest technology and solutions at the forefront of transportation.

Connect to Public Transportation

Apply for discounted Metro passes at the Mobility Hub, as well as other services, that’ll help you save time and money commuting around campus and around LA!

URB-E On USC’s Campus

About URB-E and USC Village

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URB-E is the global leader in lightweight foldable electric vehicles and mobile power sources.

Designed in Pasadena. Built in California. Patented Worldwide.